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Site Last Updated Today: October 20, 2018 is a unique Sleeping Fetish site, the movies found here are NOT from some old boring Sleeping Fetish Videos but rather shot exclusively for

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  • All Movies are In Windows Media Format and MPEG Format
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A Few Testimonials From Our Members
"I recently joined a sorority at my local college, and have not come out to any of my friends that I am bi-sexual. I love men, but there is something about the soft touch of a women's body that really does it for me. During many nights in our sorority house, we have sleepovers and parties. Almost every night I come across one of my sorority sisters sleeping. Looking at them sound asleep gets me turned on, but I can't act out on these feelings. When I came across I was in awe! I live out my fantasies through your website. I love waiting to see the next update and always hoping that one of the sleeping girls looks like one of my sorority sisters. Thanks" Name withheld.

"My sister graduated from college last year and every month or so she has some of her college friends stay at our house. I always walk past their room hoping to catch a glimpse of them sleeping. I would love to go into the room and get a closer look but I'm way to scared of getting caught. Watching your videos of sleeping girls really does it for me! Great website, and keep up the good work. (and thanks for keeping me out of trouble)" Eric

"I am a RA at my local college. (RA stands for Resident Assistant) My job is to help people if they have any problems in their dorm room. Many people forget their keys, or lock themselves out of the room. It is my job to make sure they get back into their room and to keep them out of trouble. During fire alarms, it is my job to unlock every door and make sure everyone abandons the building. Unlocking the door on the girls floor is a huge turn on. I'm always hoping to find the sexy cheerleaders sound asleep. Though I can not act out on what I would like to do, watching is just as good! After a being a member for a few months I had to cancel because the school doesn't pay me enough 9 Canceling was very easy, and when I get a raise, I will be back! Thank you guys for the great site" Jay



Although we use tons of different models you can access all our movies for a flat fee

(No Pay Per View Fees)

PLEASE NOTE: We use thousands of different models in our pictures and movies, not like the other Sleeping Fetish sites that reuse the same models over and over. We also have many first time models that have never been featured anywhere else on the internet! We built this site to make it extremely affordable to watch quality, never seen before Sleeping Fetish pictures and movies.

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