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Sleeping Ass Licking
Michael came home from work and found his girlfriend on the couch. Looking at her really turned him on. He pulled back the covers exposing her beautiful firm ass. He then slowly slid down her panties exposing her bare ass. Watch as Michael then gives her tushy a nice long lick!
Sleeping Cutie
Karen came home from work, and laid down on the floor to watch TV. While she was sleeping her friend Shie came over and found her relaxing. She slowly crept up to her, and pulled down her panties. She then proceeded to lick her friends tushy!
Playing With Tushy

Michelle was relaxing with her stuffed animals when her roommate came home from working out. Her roommate saw Michelle peacefully relaxing and it really turned her on. She climbed into bed with Michelle and pulled back the covers revealing her nice tight ass!

Licking Nap

April came over to visit her friend and found her relaxing in front of the TV on the couch. She went over to her and pulled back the covers. Exposing her friend's cute ass really turned her on. She then bend over and gave her friend's tushy a nice erotic ass licking!

Sleeping Tushy
After a very long day of work, Maria came home to relax. Her roommate came home and found her in bed. Her roommate climbed in with her and slowly pulled down her pants exposing her firm cute ass. This got her really horny, she pulled down her panties and gave her ass a nice long lick. She then pulled out a dildo and decided to have fun!
Sleeping Girl
Susan came home from class and found her roommate Jackie nude on her couch. She was planning on resting before work, but seeing her naked roommate really turned her on. Susan slowly climbed onto the couch lightly touching her roommates firm ass. Watch as Susan plays with her roomie!
Outdoor Nap
It was a beautiful day outside so Halie decided to soak up the sun. While she was relaxing a girl walked by and saw her. She looked around and realized no one was watching so she decided to introduce herself! She slowly walked up to Halie and bent over. She pulled down her panties exposing her cute tushy then bent over and licked her ass!
Caught By The Cops
Jamie was walking home from a club after a long night of partying. She was really exhausted from walking so she decided to stop and rest for a few. She found a motorcycle on the corner and thought it would be a perfect place to stop. In the morning a cop was walking by and saw her out on the bike. The cop decided to have a little fun with her!
Sleeping & Licked
After a long day of cheerleading Lori and Michelle came back to their relax. Lori went to take a shower while Michelle laid down. When Lori came out of the shower she found her roommate in her panties. Looking at her roommate's firm ass ireally turned her on! Watch what she does next!
Sleeping Friend
Katie and Sally decided to stay in and watch TV together. Looking at her roommate really turned her on. She slowly pulled back the blanket exposing Lori's nice tight ass. She bent over giving her tushy a litte kiss. Watch the entire movie now!
Best Friend
John dropped by his girlfriends house to visit her. She had a long day of classes and was just relaxing during her break. He walked into the room and climbed into bed with her. He slowly pulled back the covers exposing her tight ass. Watch what he does next!
Taste Her Ass
Kristen has amazing tight legs, and very firm ass. Her boyfriend always loves to give her tushy nice little kisses. He came home from working out at the gym and finds his girlfriend relaxing. He climbs into bed with her and gives her some nice loving!






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