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Bridget decided to stop by her friend Nancy's for a surprise visit. She walked into the living room and found Nancy sleeping on the couch. She saw a bottle of cold medicine on the coffee table so she knew that Nancy was out cold. Bridget quietly climbed next to her and carefully pulled down Nancy's panties and proceeded to lick her tight asshole!
Sara showed up for a massage at the local massage parlor. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep within the first few minutes. The massause thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this sleeping beauty. Watch as she removes Sara's panties and gives her a full body erotic massage while Sara peacefully sleeps!
Jesse, a hot Asian import, fell dead asleep as soon as she touched her bed. She was super tired from pulling a double shift down at the airport. When her girlfriend Becca came home, she thought she would give Jesse a massage of her own. Becca got so horny from squeezing her legs and caressing her ass that she decided to lick her pussy and ass crack as well!
Veronica Rayne was having some lower back problems so she scheduled an appointment at her local massage parlor. Her masseuse Sierra Sinn specializes in lower back pain and she had just the right tool to relieve the stress. After Veronica got undressed she had a nice breast massage to get her relaxed, then she turned over and Sierra slipped off her panties. She loosened up her lower backside with her tongue before getting her special deep massaging vibrator to get inside her ass where the stress is!
Kristen came home to her apartment during her lunch break. While she was relaxing her best friend Susy came over to visit her. She walked in and found Kristen. Looking at her cute tushy really turned her on. She walked over the bed and knelt down beside her. She quietly pulled down Kristen's panties and gave her tushy an erotic ass licking!
Wendy went and visitedher local massage parlor for a day of relaxation. Her masseuse happened to be training the new girl so Wendy was able to get two girls to work on her body! They started off by rubbing her back, legs, and arms. Then the masseuse told the masseuse in training how they give certain customers "special" massages. The two masseuse slowly pulled down Wendy's panties exposing her cute little tushy. The masseuse then took out a vibrator and with the help of the new masseuse inserted it deep into Wendy's tushy!
Kelly was waiting for her hot friend, Victoria, to come over with some pizza. Kelly got the beer and movies they were planning to watch earlier. Victoria was taking awhile so she decided to get a head start on the beer. After two beers this light weight was knocked out. When Victoria finally arrived with the pizza and found Kelly asleep, her appetite quickly changed from wanting to eat the pizza to Kelly's hot ass!
Rebecca, a hot long haired brunette went to borrow a shirt from her roommate but when she opened the door, she found Nicole dead asleep. Rebecca couldn't help but notice how sexy Nicole looked in her cute underwear so she decided to take them off to reveal a round and perky ass. Rebecca got so excited that she started touching herself while she licked Nicole's perfect asshole!
Hillary runs the local massage parlor that is known for giving it's clients a little something "extra" with each massage. Jennifer visited her spa and opted for the "Extra Special " which included everything that Hillary provided. In the beginning she was a little nervous but after a few minutes she was relaxed and enjoyed the most erotic massage of her life!
Brittany fell asleep and woke up with a wet asshole and had no idea how that happened. She eventually found out who did it through a mutual friend of her own and the ass licking culprit, Felicia. When Brittany went to confront Felicia, she found her sleeping on the floor, which was perfect for getting even. She pulled down Felicia's panties and finger banged her as hard and as long as she could without waking her!
Bonus Set
Gina, Brit and Jill were hanging out together after class and were very bored. Brit's boyfriend recently licked her ass for the first time, and she couldn't stop bragging how great it felt. Her best friends Gina and Jill were curious and never heard about ass licking before so they wanted to give it a try!
Janine and Vicky were supposed to go lunch together, but when Vicky arrived, Janine was no where to be found. She searched the house and found her laying in bed, totally asleep. There was no way that Vicky was going to sit at a restaurant by herself, so she tried to wake her up, but Janine wouldn't wake up. Vicky decided that if she wasn't going to eat out, she'd eat in by helping herself to Janine's luscious ass!






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