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Brunette Takes Nap
After a very long day of work, Maria came home to relax. Her roommate came home and found her in bed. Her roommate climbed in with her and slowly pulled down her pants exposing her firm cute ass. This got her really horny, she pulled down her panties and gave her ass a nice long lick. She then pulled out a dildo and decided to have fun!
Sleeping & Licked!
Wendy got home from a very busy day and laid down on the couch to take a little nap. While she was resting her friend stopped by for a surprise visit. She walked in and found Wendy on the couch. Watching her really turned her on. She walked over and sat down next to her. She pulled down Wendy's panties and gave her tushy a nice erotic deep tongue fucking!
Sleeping Beauty Lick
Jamie had a late night of partying so after getting home to rest up before class. Around an hour later her roommate returned home and found Jamie relaxing. She climbed into bed next to her. She pulled down her panties, spread her tushy and gave her a nice deep ass licking!
Sleeping Beauty
Veronica got home from a long day of classes and was very tired. She was laying on the bed when her friend stopped by. She walked into the bedroom and saw her on the bed. Looking at her beautiful firm ass really got her excited. She climbed onto the bed and slowly pulled down Veronica's panties. Erin then bent over and licked her asshole!
Heavy Sleeper
Suzy was hanging out with her friend Karen. Suzy loves a nice round ass, and loves to give them kisses. She slowly pulled back Karen's red panties revealing Karen's beautiful ass. Watch the entire movie of Suzy loving her friend's beautiful firm ass!
Sleeping Licker
Jill came home after class to visit her best friend. She walked into the room and saw her friend resting so peacefully. She climbed onto the bed and pulled down her friends panties. She then bent over and gave her friends tushy a nice little licking!
Firm Ass Licked!
Joan had a long day at work and came home on her break. While she was relaxing her friend stopped by for a surprise visit. The door was open so she just walked in. She found Joan on the couch and was very turned on. She quietly climbed onto the couch and pulled down Joan's panties. She then proceeded to give her ass a nice erotic licking!
Sound ASSleep
Kristen came home from cheerleading practice to rest up before work. She had a long night ahead of her so she wanted to have a lot of energy. While she was relaxing her best friend stopped by. She walked over to the couch pulled down Kristen's panties and gave her ass an erotic licking!
A Taste Of Heaven
Kristen has amazing tight legs, and very firm ass. Her girlfriend always loves to give her tushy nice little kisses. She came home from working out at the gym and finds her girlfriend relaxing. She climbs into bed with her and gives her some nice loving!
Nap Time Licker
Anna decided to go over to her best friends. When she entered her living room she found Aikido on the couch. She walked over to her, and slowly lifted up her skirt exposing her beautiful tight ass. She pulled down her panties and gave her tushy a nice long lick! Watch as this beautiful blonde get her asshole licked and fucked!
Blonde Gets Licked
Michelle was resting up right before her next class. While she was resting her best friend Kimura stopped by to pick her up for class. When she realized that she Michelle was not ready she decided to give her a surprise! She walked into the bedroom and slowly climbed onto to the bed. She then slowly pulled down her best friend's panties! Watch the full version of these two hotties going balls to the wall!
Sleeping Best Friend
Mickey was staying over her best friends house for the weekend. On Saturday morning, her friend woke up and Mickey was still on the couch. She walked into the room and knew this was her perfect chance to see what Mickey's friend has been bragging about for so long! She pulled back Mickey 's panties exposing her cute tushy. It was so pretty she bent over and licked it!!!






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