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Molly came home from work and laid down on the bed to rest up before going out to party. While she was sleeping, one of her friends stopped by to pick her up. He walked into the room and noticed she was home all alone, resting almost completely naked on the bed. He climbed into bed next to her and slowly pulled down her panties. He then bent over and gave her asshole a nice long erotic licking! Watch what he does next!
Tiffany is bisexual and has a huge crush on her roommate Kim. She was embarrassed to make the first move, but when she came home and saw Kim lying on the bed, she knew she had to take advantage of the opportunity. She quietly laid next to her and pulled down her panties exposing Kim's tight asshole. She then slowly spread Kim's tushy and gave it a deep tongue licking!
Kelsey had passed out when her best friend Jennifer happened to be over spending the night.Jennifer simply could not help herself, and proceeded to strip off Kelsey's underwear to reveal her perfectly round, supple ass. Jennifer quickly stuck her tongue inside Jennifer's ass to get a taste, and then continued to have a good lick as Kelsey was fast asleep!
Denise walked by her roommate, Tina's, room and saw that the door was open. So she walked in and found Tina resting on the floor by herself. Denise knew no one else was around at home so she decided to take advantage of the situation. She moved slowly next to her and then slid her underwear down to her thighs. After playing with her butt for awhile she gave her a nice erotic ass licking!
It was the first day of TushySchool and Paula was very excited to show off to the teacher what she had been practiciting all summer. So when the teacher asked for an assistant, Paula was very anxious to help out. She stripped off her clothing, bent over the desk and to her teacher's surprise slowly and steadily took a deep insertion into her ass!
Jenny found her hot roommate, Kayla, passed out on the couch with her perky ass exposed. Jenny and her roomy have been messing around lately so she was sure she wouldn't mind if Jenny pulled down her panties and licked her ass. So she did just that. Jenny stripped off Kayla's underwear and proceeded to tongue down her ass and her pussy!
Andrea came home from a long night of dancing and flopped onto her bed and fell dead asleep. While she was sleeping her friend Denise stopped by to visit. She walked into the bedroom and found her best friend sleeping on the bed. Denise slowly climbed onto the bed and pulled down Andrea's shorts and underwear and proceeded to give her a passionate ass licking and fingering!
Laura was in her bedroom when her roommate came home. Her roommate Kristen is a very busty blonde who loves to play with Laura's firm ass. She slowly walks into Laura's room and climbs into bed with her. She then pulls down Laura's panties and gives her tushy a nice kiss. Kristen then stripped off her clothing and masturbated while playing with her sleeping friend's ass!
Amanda came home from work and laid down on the bed to rest up before going out to party. While she was resting her friend Bobby stopped by to visit her. When he walked into the room he noticed Amanda was home all alone and was resting half naked on the bed. He climbed into bed next to her felt her soft ass. He then bent over and gave her asshole a nice long erotic licking before masturbating all over her ass!
Henrietta came hom after a long day of working a double shift and wanted to rest up before it was time to go out and party. She laid down on the bed and was resting when her friend Marlene came over. She climbed into bed with Henrietta and slowly pulled down her panties. She then spread her ass and gave her tushy a nice erotic ass licking!
Melinda decided to stop by her friend Sara's house to pick her up for class. She rang the doorbell, but her friend didn't answer. The front door was open so Melinda walked in to make sure Sara was ready for class. She found her sleeping in the bedroom so she slowly climbed into the bed and decided to see what Sara's boyfriend has been bragging about for so long: Her beautiful ass! Watch as she pulls down Sara's panties and gives her ass a deep tongue fingering and licking
Christina has been friends with her hot friend, Gladus, since they were young. Christina has also always had a crush on her but was always afraid to act on her feelings. But as time goes by and they grow closer as friends, her attraction also intensifies. Christina decides to have her sleep over. Gladus falls fast asleep and Christina acts quickly. She gives her a quick shake and calls her name. When she doesn't wake, Christina knows this is her chance to do what she's always wanted to, that is to give her a hot sensual ass licking!
After a long day of cheerleading Lori and Michelle came back to their relax. Lori went to take a shower while Michelle laid down. When Lori came out of the shower she found her roommate in her panties. Looking at her roommate's firm ass ireally turned her on! Watch what she does next!






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