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Site Last Updated Today: September 22, 2018
Updated March 31, 2008 Shawny, a hot Latina, got home from a very hectic day and laid down on the couch to get some rest. While she was sleeping her friend stopped by for an unannounced visit. She walked in and found her asleep in a sexy outfit. Watching her really turned her on. She walked over and sat down next to her. She pulled down her panties and gave her ass a nice erotic deep tongue fucking!
Updated March 24, 2008 Last week Joanna licked, her hot roommate, Jamie's ass while she slept. What Joanna didn't know was that she woke up midway through and loved it! However, at the time she was so shocked that she didn't know how to react and decided it was best for to just lay there and play dead. But now she wants to experience ass licking again, but she doesn't know how to bring it up. So she decides the best way to send a clear message is to return the favor!
Updated March 17, 2008 Joanna is bisexual and has a huge crush on her roommate Jamie. She was embarrassed to make the first move, but when she came home and saw Jamie lying on the bed, she knew she had to take advantage of the opportunity. She quietly laid next to her and pulled down her panties exposing Kim's tight asshole. She then slowly spread Jamie's tushy and sensually made out with it!
Updated March 10, 2008 Kaity has a big ass fetish and has given rim jobs to many men and women. However, she's never tasted the ass of a black woman. Lucky for her she found her roommate Ella asleep on the couch when she came in. Kaity knew Ella was a light sleeper but threw caution to the wind and decided to lick her ass anyway. She couldn't resist such a hot and full mocha booty!
Bonus Update
Bonus Update March 10, 2008 Renee visited a massage parlor because she was feeling a little sore from cheerleading practice. Luckily for her, her masseur was a very studly guy. He started off massaging her back and legs, the moved onto her tushy. She was so turned on she couldn't resist the temptation. She asked for him to stand in front of her and massage her neck. He then pulled down his zipper and proceeded to give him a blowjob. After getting him nice and hard she turned around and begged him to fuck her!
Updated March 3, 2008 Audrey came home from work and laid down on the bed to rest up before going out to party. While she was sleeping, one of her friends stopped by for some pre-gaming. He walked into the room and noticed she was home all alone, resting almost completely naked on the bed. He climbed into bed next to her and slowly pulled down her panties. He then bent over and gave her asshole a nice long erotic licking!
Updated February 25, 2008 Ashley arrived to Bethany's house and found her sleeping in her bed. She looked so peaceful there, lying with almost a smile on her face, framed by long curly golden locks of hair. Ashley wanted to see what else was under the covers so she moved the blankets and discovered that Bethany was only wearing a hot pink thong. Her ass looked so good and it begged to be licked and that's precisely what Ashley decided to do. She pulled down Ashley's sexy underwear, and put her tongue into her crack!
Updated February 18, 2008 Briana and Sarah stayed in to watch some tv over a large pizza and a few beers. Afterwards, Sarah decided to go grab some ice cream from the local market. After all the beer and pizza, Briana knocked out before Sarah got home. When she finally arrived, she was empty handed because the store was already closed by the time she got there. When found Rachel asleep, her appetite quickly changed from ice cream to Briana's hot ass!
Updated February 11, 2008 Jacky and Tonya were supposed to hang out together but that was not going to happen. Tonya knew their plans to go window shopping were screwed when she came over Jacky's place and found her fast a sleep. Everyone knows when Jacky falls asleep, there's no waking her. Tonya always had a fetish for the taste of a beautiful ass on her tongue so she decided to get in her kicks while Jacky remained sound asleep!
Updated February 4, 2008 Jill and her roommate Maria started getting frisky with each other after they were dared to make out with each other at a party. Ever since then, they've been pushing the envelope. Today, Maria thought she'd take their sexual relationship further than ever before. While Jill was sleeping, Maria pulled down her panties and licked her asshole. Jill didn't even wake up once!
Updated January 28, 2008 Donnie and his hot brunette gf, Bethany, went to pick up their friend Ashley for dinner. But when the two got there, Ashley was sound asleep and still under the covers. They tried everything in their power to wake her but nothing worked. Looks like someone was out late last night! The two decided to go without her, but not before they spoiled their appetites with a nice serving of ass licking first!
Updated January 21, 2008 There were another round tests and Jackie and Sabrina were hitting the books hard again. After 24 hours of straight studying over the weekend, they were both exhausted. Sabrina went to brew up some coffee but by the time she was done, Jackie was passed out on the floor. Sabrina tried to wake her but Jackie was stone unconscious. Well Sabrina was awake now, and since they were studying the body and on the subject of the sphincter, she thought why not learn about it first hand. She took off Jackie's pj's and thong and proceeded to get up close and personal with her asshole!
Bonus Update
Bonus Update January 21, 2008 Cindy and her best friend Aline went out to a club, and after a late night of partying arrived back at their house. They were so excited from partying they decided to continue enjoying each other's company at home. They started kissing and quickly stripped off their clothing. Aline then bent Cindy over and gave her a very deep ass licking!






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